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Crack Fill

A crack in your parking lot’s asphalt can look unsightly and is the start of the deterioration process. Cracks allow water to penetrate into the sub grade and destroy the pavement from the bottom up. After a bad winter, small cracks can develop into dreaded alligator cracking or worse, potholes. Click here to have a qualified Asphalt Paving Company provide Crack Sealing for your project.

Why use Chamberlain for sealing cracks in your asphalt?

We have highly trained professionals and two state of the art application units that ensure accurate temperature, accurate placement, and longer lasting repairs than any other paving contractor.

A crack in your parking lot’s asphalt can look unsightly and is the start of the deterioration process. Cracks allow water to penetrate into the sub grade and destroy the pavement from the bottom up. After a bad winter, small cracks can develop into dreaded alligator cracking or worse, potholes.

At Chamberlain Contractors, our expert technicians can fill the cracks in your pavement, making your parking lot water resistant and extend it’s useful life.

Small cracks of 1/4″ or less can be effectively sealed using a pourable sealant.

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Chamberlain has been in the milling business since 1985, long before other contractors came around. We use milling machines on most large projects and continually find ways to use milling technology to save time and money for our customers. Click here to have a qualified Asphalt Paving Company provide Milling for your project.

Milling vs. Digging

We have been in the milling business since 1985, long before other contractors came around.
On any job, except the very smallest jobs, we remove the asphalt with 1 of our 4 milling machines. Milling is much faster than digging and leaves a clean, compacted sub grade with sharp vertical edges. Chamberlains’ high production allows our customers to get back to business as quickly as possible after their new parking lot repairs are perfected.
We can use this milling technology to perform partial depth asphalt patches, where we replace only the top 2″ or so of the pavement, or full depth patches where we replace the entire thickness of asphalt and possibly the stone base as well.

Drainage Concerns

Milling machines can also be used to cut drainage swales in existing pavement to correct drainage problems. Give us a call and find out how our milling machines can save you time and money on your next paving project.

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Whether it’s large scale patchwork or one small patch, Chamberlain has the equipment and manpower to perform the job effectively. Our milling machines mean large production capability on large patch jobs.

Chamberlain pioneered partial depth asphalt repair for parking lots in the 1990’s. When applied properly, it saves you money by only having the damaged portion of the asphalt (top layer) removed and replaced.

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At Chamberlain Contractors, we are a local Asphalt Paving Company specializing in paving commercial parking lots. Not highways, but parking lots. This means that our entire fleet of asphalt paving equipment and mind set of our team members are focused on paving asphalt parking lots.

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Seal Coating/ Rejuvenator

Chamberlain Contractors has been in the Seal Coating business since 1978. We have highly trained personnel and the most up-to-date equipment. What sets Chamberlain apart? Preparation, preparation, preparation. We have automated sweepers and blowers for all jobs and as in painting, preparation is as important as the application of the coating itself.

In order to properly complete any Seal Coating project, we thoroughly clean the pavement with power brooms & blowers. We remove vegetation, fill cracks & prime oil spots. Then we apply 2 coats of high grade petroleum based sealer that is resistant to gas & oil and weather damage. It also makes your lot look great. And while the lot is still blocked off, our expert painters stripe the lot with new lines & traffic markings.

Asphalt Emulsion (Petroleum) Sealing

Chamberlain offers asphalt emulsion (petroleum-based) sealer. Seal coating protects your pavement while providing a jet black finish that keeps it looking great. Studies prove that a structurally sound pavement can last indefinitely if it is sealed every 3-5 years.

Asphalt Rejuvenator

Chamberlain offers an asphalt rejuvenator/sealer to penetrate the asphalt surface replenishing the oils lost oxidation and the effects of the sun. It also provides a seal on the surface to protect the underlying pavement from oxidative effects of the air, sunlight, water, and fuel.

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Speed Bumps

Chamberlain contractors provides speed bump services.

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Concrete Collars

Chamberlain Contractors provides concrete collar services.

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Curb & Gutter

Concrete curbs and gutters take a beating from heavy trucks and especially from snow plows.
In addition to providing a termination edge for your parking lot, it helps facilitate drainage toward catch basins.

Broken curbs are not only unsightly but can alter drainage patterns and can be a trip hazard.

Chamberlain can install new curbs as a stand alone project or as part of a larger pavement rehabilitation project.

We can handle all your concrete and asphalt needs as well as related services.

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Dumpster Pads

Chamberlain Contractors provides dumpster pad services.

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Miracote is a Multipurpose Protective polymerized, two component, cementitious protective coating  applied over a variety of surfaces including concrete sidewalks, steps, patio slabs, and concrete aprons. Material is typically applied in two coats by trowel and/or brush to properly clean, sound, and dry surface areas. Miracote resurfaces flawed and discolored concrete surfaces with enhanced appearance, curb appeal, and excellent adhesion to substrate.

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Chamberlain Contractors provides ADA handicap ramps, loading dock ramps, and any style of ramps that fit your needs.

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Damaged sidewalks can easily cause people to trip and fall, and can be unsightly on your property. Your Chamberlain representative can help identify problems and recommend the best solution for your budget.

Whether it is removal and replacement, grinding down some uneven edges, or a combination of the two, we can do it all.

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On many commercial and multi-family properties it is necessary to have metal bollards to protect buildings, trash enclosures, gas meters, or other sensitive areas of your property. At Chamberlain we have a lot of experience installing bollards and can install them as a stand alone project or as a finishing touch to your parking lot upgrade.

We also offer decorative plastic sleeves for bollards to give them a facelift and to protect them from the weather. Please contact us for further information on plastic sleeves.

At Chamberlain we strive to be your complete parking lot maintenance company. Please call today for a free estimate.

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Concrete Installations

Do you have an area in your parking lot that  continues to fail because of heavy truck traffic? This happens in front of dumpsters on just about all types of  properties. We can cut out that deteriorated asphalt and install a  concrete dumpster pad that will stand the test of time. Concrete is not affected by oil spills, so when that trash truck dumps hydraulic fluid on it, you can simply wash it away.

We can also help you design a concrete parking lot, concrete driveway, or concrete sidewalk to connect frequently traveled areas or install curbs and gutters around your new parking lot. We can help you design it, lay it out and install the whole thing with minimal disruption.

Deteriorated asphalt, or other affected area, is excavated completely and hauled away in waiting dump trucks. We tamp the sub-base thoroughly, set forms and install welded wire mesh for added strength. We pour new concrete using a minimum 3500 psi air entrained concrete mix with a light broom finish. We strip the forms and backfill if necessary.

Concrete is one of the strongest substances used in construction. In areas where other materials are failing, concrete can be the difference between an unsightly property that is dangerous and a neat looking property that is safe. Put us to work on your next project.

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Concrete Repairs

Cracked concrete driveways, concrete sidewalks and concrete curbs are trip hazards and can be a major liability. At Chamberlain Concrete, our highly trained crews will make prompt and precise concrete repairs or concrete replacements.

Our experts in asphalt and concrete repairs will quickly remove your deteriorated concrete and replace it with new concrete that meets the surrounding grade evenly and looks great. We have the equipment and manpower to make concrete repairs quickly, safely and with precision. And with our own concrete trucks, we can control the quality of the concrete mix to make sure it meets our specifications and yours.

At Chamberlain Contractors, our process is precise and prompt for concrete repairs. After your deteriorated sidewalk, curb, dumpster pads or aprons have been marked out, we quickly and efficiently saw cut the perimeter of the deteriorated area to produce a nice even edge. Next we dig out the debris and haul it off to be recycled. After thoroughly tamping the sub grade we install wire mesh expansion material and 3500 psi concrete with a broom finish. The concrete repairs are then finished, making the concrete skid resistant.

Most concrete areas are designed for foot traffic. This leads to a huge liability issue when the surfaces become cracked and uneven. For properties over 30 years old, the concrete (sidewalks, driveways, parking lots) starts to wear out and the surface can spall away creating problem footing. Our asphalt and concrete crews have access to all of our construction equipment including bobcats, backhoes, gradall and dump trucks- all necessary to make removal quick and efficient. Replacement with new concrete is generally done the same day to avoid leaving open “construction holes” on your property. We can gain access to remote areas using wheel barrows and our georgia buggies which carry up to 1 yard of concrete at a time. This leaves less wear and tear on your landscaping large machines would. We are specialists at what we do.

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Curb Blocks

Chamberlain Contractors, Inc. can furnish and install concrete wheel stops on your parking lot. Our crew will transport the concrete curb blocks to your parking lot and use steel pins to securely attach them to your asphalt.

Our parking lot specialists can also remove and replace cracked and deteriorated concrete curb blocks. Our concrete company can also install plastic or rubber curb blocks for your parking lot.

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Decorative Paving

Decorative Paving As Beautiful As Brick!

We offer a unique alternative to conventional paving by imprinting hot mix asphalt and treating the patterned surface to create the appearance of hand-laid decorative bricks.

Decorative Asphalt has 3 major advantages over bricks:

  • It is much cheaper to install.
  • It is much faster to install (which reduces construction mess and confusion to patrons).
  • It is much easier and less expensive to maintain.

Once the resurfacing of the pavement has occurred and the asphalt has reached its final density, we layout and imprint the pattern onto the surface of the hot mix asphalt per manufacturer’s specifications. When the asphalt cools, CCI will then install the selected colored coating materials.

  • Our colored coating materials have superior adhesion, flexibility and abrasion resistant characteristics as well as color stability.
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Emergency Response (CERT)

At Chamberlain we pride ourselves on our ability to take care of your “headache” problems quickly and efficiently. Our “CERT Team” is a small crew that can perform a variety of emergency repairs.

First, give us a call and we’ll visit your site and give you a price within 24 hours. Then within 48 hours, our CERT team can be dispatched to your site to fix those potholes, install those speed bumps, remove and replace that raised sidewalk block, fill those cracks, install that handicap sign, or perform just about any other parking lot repair that can get you out of your jam.

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Fabric Membranes

Chamberlain was one of the first contractors in the area to use paving fabrics in 1980. We continue to lead the way in this technology and stay on the cutting edge of changes in materials and processes available for your project.

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French Drains

A big problem for parking lots can be subsurface water problems that continually cause asphalt to fail in specific areas.

This underground water can come from a spring, a lot of clay in the sub-base, or even landscape islands that absorb water and allow water to filter under the pavement.

For this reason, French drains can be a significant part of many of our patching and resurfacing projects. We can relieve this underground water pressure by digging a trench or trough 18″ – 24″ deep. We install filter cloth and an open graded crushed stone in this trench line along with perforated plastic pipe. The open graded stone allows a place for water to collect and where the underground hydraulic pressure can be released. The trench is dug between this collection point and the release point. The release point can be a nearby catch basin inlet or a drainage ravine, etc. The filter cloth surrounding this system keeps mud, silt, etc. from getting into the stone and compromising its porosity. French drains are extremely effective for situations where constant water problems are an issue.

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FSB – 100% Recycled Asphalt

Foam Stabilized Base (FSB) is designated a “green product” by FSB is time tested and ready for use on your parking lot project. Asphalt parking lots have never exactly been considered “green”, but Chamberlain Contractors is changing that situation by offering FSB foamed asphalt.

A procedure proven around the world.

Widely used throughout Europe, Africa and Asia, where resources can be scares, FSB is used as a base course in the rehabilitation of existing pavements and the construction of new parking lots and roads.

Eligible for points for LEED approval

From a sustainable design perspective, FSB has been designated a “green product” suitable for inclusion in a project’s LEED certification application in the areas of Construction Waste Management, Resource Reuse, Recycled Content, Regional Materials and Innovation in Design.

A “green” production process

Conventional hot mix asphalt requires virgin aggregates to be super-heated to 325 °F before being coated with a hot asphalt cement.  It is a very energy-intensive process with significant greenhouse emissions. FSB is produced with 100% recycled aggregates, and involves a cold mixing process—you can hold it in your hand as soon as it comes out of the mill.  Energy use is a small fraction of the hot mix process and there are no greenhouse emissions.

Environmental benefits and cost savings

Chamberlain is proud to announce the first urban plant producing FSB in the USA and to be able to offer our customers cost savings and the environmental benefits associated with this exciting product. And most importantly . . . there is no sacrifice to the quality or design life of the project.

Finally! A green product that works & costs less!

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Grading and Excavation

Chamberlain has some large scale earth moving equipment for your grading and excavation needs. From large front end loaders, to our gradall, dozer, and our fleet of dump trucks, we can handle many of your digging and hauling needs.

Although we do not specialize in large scale site work, we have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to take care of grading and excavation functions for our parking lot customers.

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Inlet Structure

At Chamberlain we are experts at replacing  or repairing damaged concrete catch basins, or drain inlets, which are an integral part of your parking lot system.

Spring and Fall are good times to do a visual inspection of your catch basins to make sure they are not being clogged by leaves, trash or branches.  Your Chamberlain representative can provide this inspection service free of charge upon request and provide a proposal for any remedial action that may be necessary.

In addition to clogs, catch basins can develop leaks in their structure, that causes water and subsurface dirt to enter the basin.  The resultant sinkholes that develop around the edge of the catch basin can  cause costly catastrophic failures if left unchecked.   Replacement of a few bricks, some mortar, or a bent grate keep your parking lot drainage system looking good and working properly at a minimal expense.

Of course if total replacement is necessary, or if a failure occurs, just give us a call.  At Chamberlain we can quickly barricade the area and get a proposal to you the same day.  Old style brick catch basins are usually replaced with precast or newly placed concrete catch basins that contain rebar mats and are designed to last longer.  And we’re  not talking about an off the shelf solution.  Each new catch basin installation is tailor made to your specific requirement.  Once the catch basin is replaced, we will thoroughly compact the surrounding subgrade material in layers using vibratory tampers and install new asphalt or concrete as required.  Once the project is completed your catch basin and drainage will be better than ever.  At Chamberlain we have a lot of experience in drainage problems so ask us for assistance.

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Parking Lot Striping

your property a face lift by repainting the lines, curbs, and traffic markings on the pavement. Our experienced painters can help make all parking lots and roadways look great with a fresh coat of paint.

Chamberlain uses the most up-to-date pavement striping machines, non-toxic paint, and highly skilled personnel to put the finishing touches on your parking lot. Give your property a face lift by repainting the lines, curbs, and traffic markings on the pavement. Our experienced painters can help make all parking lots and roadways look great with a fresh coat of paint.

Less Down Time

For new paving or sealcoating projects, our striping crew will stripe your pavement right away while the parking lot is still blocked off. Striping done on the same day eliminates extra hassle for your customers or tenants.  Last but not least, a perfect striping job finishes your new lot off in style.  Trust our pros to make it look great.

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Pavement Profile System Management Tool

If you could look at the sub-structure of your parking lot, you would have a much better idea of how much it will cost to maintain over the next 5 to 7 years… Chamberlain Contractors can show you how.

Chamberlain Contractors, in conjunction with the College of Engineering at the University of Maryland, has developed a unique, computerized parking lot pavement evaluation system. Utilizing this system, specially trained personnel systematically survey the pavement and obtain substrate test data on your parking lot. An engineering report is then developed which will provide reliable pavement life cycle information enabling you to better plan the spending of your future parking lot repair and maintenance dollars.

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Concrete and asphalt are among the most recycled products in the world, by weight.

At Chamberlain Contractors, Inc. we believe in doing everything we can to recycle the earth’s natural resources. To that end we created our own concrete and asphalt recycling plant in 1992. At our recycling facility, we recycle over 10,000 tons of concrete and asphalt per year. By crushing used asphalt and concrete, and turning them into useable crushed stone product, we free up a tremendous amount of landfill space, and allow virgin aggregates from stone quarries, etc. to last much longer.

At Chamberlain Contractors, Inc. we are proud of the contribution we make to the environment.

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Road Signs

As an added service to our customers, Chamberlain installs signs around your parking lot. We have quick access to all standard signs and can have custom signs made upon request.

With the American’s with Disabilities Act in force, all commercial buildings are required to have handicap accessible parking spaces. These spaces are compliant only when the proper signage is installed. At Chamberlain we know the regulations and take care of keeping you up to date.

We also install NO PARKING signs, STOP signs, and all types of custom signs. Whether it’s post mounted signs or signs attached directly to your building, we have what it takes. Our professionals offer quick turn around and professional installation.

Stop Sign Photo by David DeHetre

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Service Maintenance Agreements

Chamberlain can maintain the integrity of your parking lot for a fixed cost for up to 3 years.

If budgeting for pavement repairs and contracting the work is too time consuming, costly, and unpredictable, Chamberlain’s Service Maintenance Agreement is for you. We’ll do an initial survey and give you a proposal to bring your lot up to structurally sound condition. Then, for a set semi-annual fee, we will fix failures and seal cracks anywhere on the lot for 3 years. In addition, we will survey the lot twice a year and submit a written report to you.

Don’t wait for pavement failures to get out of control and cost you a bundle.

Get “Peace Of Mind” by having the “Chamberlain Professionals” monitor your pavement and keep it in great shape. We’ll take the risk of large-scale pavement expeditions off your hands. If you want to eliminate your risk, be certain of the cost to maintain your parking lot and have that piece of mind in knowing that your lot is properly maintained, Chamberlain Service Maintenance Agreements are your best bet.

Download service Maintenance Agreement


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