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Chamberlain can maintain the integrity of your parking lot for a fixed cost for up to 3 years.

If budgeting for pavement repairs and contracting the work is too time consuming, costly, and unpredictable, Chamberlain’s Service Maintenance Agreement is for you. We’ll do an initial survey and give you a proposal to bring your lot up to structurally sound condition. Then, for a set semi-annual fee, we will fix failures and seal cracks anywhere on the lot for 3 years. In addition, we will survey the lot twice a year and submit a written report to you.

Don’t wait for pavement failures to get out of control and cost you a bundle.

Get “Peace Of Mind” by having the “Chamberlain Professionals” monitor your pavement and keep it in great shape. We’ll take the risk of large-scale pavement expeditions off your hands. If you want to eliminate your risk, be certain of the cost to maintain your parking lot and have that piece of mind in knowing that your lot is properly maintained, Chamberlain Service Maintenance Agreements are your best bet.

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