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Foam Stabilized Base (FSB) is designated a “green product” by FSB is time tested and ready for use on your parking lot project. Asphalt parking lots have never exactly been considered “green”, but Chamberlain Contractors is changing that situation by offering FSB foamed asphalt.

A procedure proven around the world.

Widely used throughout Europe, Africa and Asia, where resources can be scares, FSB is used as a base course in the rehabilitation of existing pavements and the construction of new parking lots and roads.

Eligible for points for LEED approval

From a sustainable design perspective, FSB has been designated a “green product” suitable for inclusion in a project’s LEED certification application in the areas of Construction Waste Management, Resource Reuse, Recycled Content, Regional Materials and Innovation in Design.

A “green” production process

Conventional hot mix asphalt requires virgin aggregates to be super-heated to 325 °F before being coated with a hot asphalt cement.  It is a very energy-intensive process with significant greenhouse emissions. FSB is produced with 100% recycled aggregates, and involves a cold mixing process—you can hold it in your hand as soon as it comes out of the mill.  Energy use is a small fraction of the hot mix process and there are no greenhouse emissions.

Environmental benefits and cost savings

Chamberlain is proud to announce the first urban plant producing FSB in the USA and to be able to offer our customers cost savings and the environmental benefits associated with this exciting product. And most importantly . . . there is no sacrifice to the quality or design life of the project.

Finally! A green product that works & costs less!

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