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Cracked concrete driveways, concrete sidewalks and concrete curbs are trip hazards and can be a major liability. At Chamberlain Concrete, our highly trained crews will make prompt and precise concrete repairs or concrete replacements.

Our experts in asphalt and concrete repairs will quickly remove your deteriorated concrete and replace it with new concrete that meets the surrounding grade evenly and looks great. We have the equipment and manpower to make concrete repairs quickly, safely and with precision. And with our own concrete trucks, we can control the quality of the concrete mix to make sure it meets our specifications and yours.

At Chamberlain Contractors, our process is precise and prompt for concrete repairs. After your deteriorated sidewalk, curb, dumpster pads or aprons have been marked out, we quickly and efficiently saw cut the perimeter of the deteriorated area to produce a nice even edge. Next we dig out the debris and haul it off to be recycled. After thoroughly tamping the sub grade we install wire mesh expansion material and 3500 psi concrete with a broom finish. The concrete repairs are then finished, making the concrete skid resistant.

Most concrete areas are designed for foot traffic. This leads to a huge liability issue when the surfaces become cracked and uneven. For properties over 30 years old, the concrete (sidewalks, driveways, parking lots) starts to wear out and the surface can spall away creating problem footing. Our asphalt and concrete crews have access to all of our construction equipment including bobcats, backhoes, gradall and dump trucks- all necessary to make removal quick and efficient. Replacement with new concrete is generally done the same day to avoid leaving open “construction holes” on your property. We can gain access to remote areas using wheel barrows and our georgia buggies which carry up to 1 yard of concrete at a time. This leaves less wear and tear on your landscaping large machines would. We are specialists at what we do.

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