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Do you have an area in your parking lot that  continues to fail because of heavy truck traffic? This happens in front of dumpsters on just about all types of  properties. We can cut out that deteriorated asphalt and install a  concrete dumpster pad that will stand the test of time. Concrete is not affected by oil spills, so when that trash truck dumps hydraulic fluid on it, you can simply wash it away.

We can also help you design a concrete parking lot, concrete driveway, or concrete sidewalk to connect frequently traveled areas or install curbs and gutters around your new parking lot. We can help you design it, lay it out and install the whole thing with minimal disruption.

Deteriorated asphalt, or other affected area, is excavated completely and hauled away in waiting dump trucks. We tamp the sub-base thoroughly, set forms and install welded wire mesh for added strength. We pour new concrete using a minimum 3500 psi air entrained concrete mix with a light broom finish. We strip the forms and backfill if necessary.

Concrete is one of the strongest substances used in construction. In areas where other materials are failing, concrete can be the difference between an unsightly property that is dangerous and a neat looking property that is safe. Put us to work on your next project.

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