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At Chamberlain we are experts at replacing  or repairing damaged concrete catch basins, or drain inlets, which are an integral part of your parking lot system.

Spring and Fall are good times to do a visual inspection of your catch basins to make sure they are not being clogged by leaves, trash or branches.  Your Chamberlain representative can provide this inspection service free of charge upon request and provide a proposal for any remedial action that may be necessary.

In addition to clogs, catch basins can develop leaks in their structure, that causes water and subsurface dirt to enter the basin.  The resultant sinkholes that develop around the edge of the catch basin can  cause costly catastrophic failures if left unchecked.   Replacement of a few bricks, some mortar, or a bent grate keep your parking lot drainage system looking good and working properly at a minimal expense.

Of course if total replacement is necessary, or if a failure occurs, just give us a call.  At Chamberlain we can quickly barricade the area and get a proposal to you the same day.  Old style brick catch basins are usually replaced with precast or newly placed concrete catch basins that contain rebar mats and are designed to last longer.  And we’re  not talking about an off the shelf solution.  Each new catch basin installation is tailor made to your specific requirement.  Once the catch basin is replaced, we will thoroughly compact the surrounding subgrade material in layers using vibratory tampers and install new asphalt or concrete as required.  Once the project is completed your catch basin and drainage will be better than ever.  At Chamberlain we have a lot of experience in drainage problems so ask us for assistance.

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